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Tired of that stale conversational triumvirate of work, relationships, and pop culture that seems to dominate chats with your mates at the pub?  Feel as though the only time you get to pause and think a little deeper is when you’re wedged between two strangers on a tube, or you bump into that swotty friend from your school or uni days?  Us too.

We dreamt of fostering dedicated time and space in which to pause and reflect, debate and discuss, create and take action.

The Conversational is what emerged: a roaming salon for ideas based in London, where curious, sociable, informed, but slightly jaded people could meet, each time in a different venue around the city, to spark off a more considered, and ultimately more interesting, approach to life in the 21st century.

You can find us on Facebook logo where you can sign up for our events.
 Read about us on the Londonist or in the Soho Clarion.