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“A civilised society is one which never ceases having a discussion with itself about what human life should best be.”

A. C. Grayling

The Conversational was established as a participative salon for ideas, which means that rather than listening to ‘experts’, everyone has the opportunity to share their experience and ideas.  Our regular event is a monthly ‘Ideas Salon’, where you can discuss interesting ideas with interesting people. 

conversation II

We focus on the big themes of life: love, lust, anger, greed, luxury, happiness – all those important things we do and feel but don’t often think about.  Conversation is framed around a series of interactive activities that get you talking to the people beside you and on the other side of the room! We invite a ‘guest’ to our monthly event, as a stimulant for new ideas and conversational directions, but for the most part, the guest participates in the same way as everyone else.

Do I need any prior knowledge?

About philosophy?  No.  About what’s going on in the world around us today?  Maybe a little.  All Conversation Streams at The Conversational are actually designed to allow you to draw on your personal day-to-day experiences and relate them to bigger themes, so you really only need to be an expert in the happenings of your own life to participate in our events.  We’re not experts in the art of living ourselves, so we’re keen to facilitate opportunities for everyone to pool their experience, knowledge and ideas to create interesting and engaging conversations! 

To enjoy a Conversation, just bring an inquiring mind and a preparedness to share your thoughts and engage with those of others.  The Conversational is a relaxed environment and we welcome everyone.

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